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Shopping/Trade 26-11-2016


From the Outlawswinchesters collection. Mint German Bowie Knife made 1920 - 1930 by Hugo Koller.


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Winchester 1876


Winchester Model 1876 Sporting Rifle 28 inch round barrel .45-60 WCF. The serial number of this rifle is 24xxx placing date of manufacture in 1882. This is a second model rare in round barrel configuration (only 1 in 3 had round barrel).



The barrel and magazine has retained approx. 85-90% of the original factory blue. The bore is fine rated a 8+ on a 1 to 10 scale. The receiver has retained approx. 85-90% of its original factory blue with a tight, smooth and mechanically perfect action.  


Case colors can be seen on the lever and hammer. Sights are excellent and correct for this rifle and rare site is adjustable. Wood to metal fit is perfect without any damage. All markings are 100%.

“EXCELLENT” conditiën

Estimated value; € 5.500,- 






Colt 1860 Army Civilian
















SCARCE CIVILIAN COLT MODEL 1860 ARMY PERCUSSION REVOLVER. SN 49182. Cal 44. Blue & color case hardened with 8″ rd bbl, German silver front sight and New-York U.S. America address.  The top of the barrel is roll-stamped with the one-line legend: "-ADDRESS COL. SAML. COLT NEW-YORK U.S. AMERICA-", The cylinder is roll-engraved with the Texas Navy battle scene, "COLTS PATENT No" and. "ENGAGED 16 MAY 1843" roll-engraved along the front edge of the cylinder. "COLTS/PATENT" is stamped in two-lines on the left side of the frame. "44 CAL" is stamped on the left shoulder of the trigger guard. The full serial number "49182" is stamped on the bottom of the barrel lug, frame, trigger guard, and back strap. The cylinder is stamped with the partial serial number "9182". All of the serial numbers match included the 95% nice blue wedge.
















The 3-screw frame, cut for shoulder stock (very rare Wilson say’s) with flat head hammer screw , has small “COLTS PATENT” on the left side and the caliber marking is on the left shoulder of trigger guard. All the SN’s of the bottom of the revolver are accompanied by a small punch mark 2 which signifies that this revolver was to receive extra attention in the polishing room. Cylinder is rebated and usual 6 shots with Ormsby Naval battle scene roll marking. The silver plated brass trigger guard and blued steel backstrap contain a fine, varnished, 1-pc walnut grip with matching SN in the backstrap channel. This revolver was produced in 1862 during the build-up of Union forces for the Civil War and virtually any firearm produced by any American manufacturer was being purchased by the government and very few civilian arms of that era are known. Of those few civilian arms produced, the majority were private purchase for military officers and usually saw equally hard service as their martial brotheren and are rarely found with any strong original finish. After the Civil War these civilian revolvers were usually continued in service on the American Frontier, again serving under continuous harsh circumstances with limited or no maintenance. To find such a firearm today with some original finish is a true rarity.

Very Good  Condition. Estimated value: € 3.800,-






Colt 1851 Navy Civilian

Colt Model 1851 Navy, made in January 1863

This is an all matching Colt Navy made about January, 1863. Nearly all these Colt Navy Model 1851s made during the Civil War saw service in the War, purchased on the open market by the US Army and Navy, or directly by the states to arm the troops they raised. This is in excellent shape, with little use. The most striking feature of this nice Colt is the brilliant case colors remaining on the gun.

The serial number, 139171, is matching on all parts of the gun. The wedge is numbered to this gun with “39171” stamped on the bright blue flat of the wedge. There is another number stamped below that one – since both are in the correct factory stampings, this suggests the Colt factory workman who fitted this gun together used a previously numbered wedge from the bin when the gun was first made. These both must have been made during a week when the wedge parts bin was nearly empty!
The wood stocks have the last four numerals of the serial in India Ink in the backstrap groove, as they should, and they fit perfectly and still have all the original and distinctive Colt reddish varnish on them.
The silver plating on the brass grip frames of these Colts made in the 1860s wore off quickly, but this one still has some in the protected areas, now tarnished a bit. The brass has been left to age gracefully, and not polished, and that’s how I like to see them.
The cylinder scene is complete and still has most of the original bright blue on it. The naval battle ships are clear, you can see the ENGAGED 16 MAY 1843 line is clear and crisp. The COLTS PAT No line with it’s the last 4 digits of the serial, 8171, are also crisp. The safety pin bases are there – when I got this gun, the internal cylinder leaf spring screw was loose, allowing the gun cylinder to turn freely with the hammer down, and that allowed the pins to be rubbed off. I tightened the screw, and that fixes that – this gun is as tight and well-timed as when it was new. I believe all the internal parts as well as all the external parts are original to this gun.

Most of the screw heads still have that Colt fire blue finish. The barrel has little real blue on it – most has flaked off over the years, leaving some blue on the bottom, some on the top around the ADDRESS, and some on the left side on the flat around the wedge area. The metal where the bright blue has flaked off is a pleasant patina color.

The best part of this gun is the bright case color remaining on the frame and the loading lever. These still has the bright swirls of color, including blue, red and yellow, which are so often faded on these old Colts to a silvery gray pattern, are still bright and strong. The case color on the hammer are not so bright, but still present.

This gun is an American classic. Guns in this serial range show up in National Archive lists of guns issued to Union Troopers during the Civil War.


Excellent  condition. Estimated value: € 5.000,-





Winchester Model 1876 Carbine 


Winchester Early third model 1876 carbine 45/60 cal.

Winchester Model 1876 carbine in caliber .45-60 WCF. It was manufactured in 1882, Serial 28215. It has a 22" round barrel, full stockand magazine. The metal is mostly brown and gray patina with some scattered light surface pitting and has some original blue left. The wood is excellent for a '76 carbine with a very nice color and grain. The forearm is the scarce long type. The bore and rifling are bright and in good condition, a 7 on a 1 - 10 scale. The sights are correct and nice and the rear sight is an 1876-marked carbine ladder-type. All markings are very sharp.

“Fine” condition

Estimated value ; € 5.500,-





Winchester Model 1886




This is a Excellent solid unrestored example of a Model 1886 Winchester in the caliber .45-90 WCF. The Model 1886 is considered by some as the finest lever action repeating rifle ever made. This one is Standard grade sporting rifle with 26" round barrel. Serial number is in the 60,000 range which dates it production to 1891.

This 1886 has John Browning's Oct. 14, 1884 patent date on the lower tang. The upper tang simply marked " --MODEL 1886-- ". Caliber designation is on top of the barrel just ahead of the frame and marked .45-90 W.C.F.  The top of the barrel has the early style Winchester barrel address which reads: --MANUFACTURED BY THE-- --WINCHESTER REPEATING ARMS CO. NEW HAVEN CONN. U.S.A.--  Overall Condition grades to NRA Antique Excellent. The frame has original case colors which have faded with the balance turned to silver. Bolt retains 99% bright original blue while loading port shows 99% original blue. Lever has 30% faded/mottled colors on the profiles while the hammer shows about 40% medium case colors. Barrel retain approximately 95% original blue overall and magagazine tube with the balance worn to a light brown patina. Original walnut stock and forend are in Excellent Condition...very solid with excellent wood to metal fit. The edges of the wood are still sharp and still retain their original factory fit...swelling slightly proud of the metal. No cracks or repairs no mars, dents and dings. Mechanics are crisp and tight. Bore is Fine...bright with Excellent rifling. An 9+ on a 1 – 10 scale. This is a Excellent solid 1886 in .45-90 caliber that's all original.

 “Excellent” condition.

Etimated value € 5000,-







Winchester Model 1873


Winchester 2nd. Model 1873 Rifle with 24 inch Heavy Round Barrel .44-40


Winchesters Second Model 1873 Rifle with 24 inch Heavy Round 27/32” Barrel chambered for the .44-40 cal full magazine, and crescent rifle buttplate. The serial number of this rifle is 57187 placing date of manufacture in 1880. The bore is a 9+ on a 1-10 scale. The action is smooth, tight and mechanically perfect.

It has all of the classic second model features, the most notable being the external trigger pin located below the hammer and tang screws on the sides of the receiver.  It also has the screwed-in dust cover rail...this later became intregrated to the frame on the 3rd model.  It also has the early style sights which include the short semi-buckhorn rear sight with checkered sides and standard German silver blade front sight.

Overall condition is NRA Antique Excellent with 80% original receiver blue.  Hammer retains original case colors which are fading...lever has thin mottled case colors with bright colors in the protected areas. Load port shows 80% bright original fire blue. Barrel and magazine tube retain 99% original blue.  Excellent markings throughout and sharp edges.  Mint  screws overall.  Barrel and brass loading block have no caliber markings which is correct for all 73's in 44-40 made prior to approx the year 1884...as this was the original caliber for this model.  Fine wood overall. Wood to metal fit is tight with all wood surfaces even to slight proud of the metal. Strong crisp action and an excellent bright shiny bore.  This is one of the best 2nd Models we've found in several years....although 2nd Models outnumber 1st Models by about two to one, I've see more 1st Models in high condition than I do 2nd models.  This is a great early 73 built during the early 1880's.


Note;. *usual record is heavy =27/32 " extra heavy is 1 inch (pag.181 Madis ) Weight offered and designated as heavy is only slighty heavier than standard and is very rare. Standard is 23/32. *


“Excellent” condition.

Etimated value € 5.000,-






Winchester Model 1893


Winchester 1893 Riot Shotgun 12 ga. 20” barrel

 According to the Winchester factory report , this 1893 shotgun was shipped during first year of production bearing serial number 4669. The receiver retains at least 99% of the original factory high luster blue. The small parts like the carrier retain all of their original fire blue. The hammer has all of its original case color finish. The 1893 slide bar retains most of its original fire blue. The metal butt plate has at least 90% original blue. The wood is in near mint condition. The barrel retains at least 99% original finish starting to plum a bit and bore is mint and in unfired condition. It is in 12 ga. and the barrel is 20" with small set bead. It is one of the finest examples in existence.Given that many of the 1893 models were returned in 1897 when they were offered a new 1897 when trading in their 93 models, these guns are impossible to find and usually are beat to death. In either case, it is one heck of a cowboy shotgun and you never find a better one.


This is one gun that Winchester DID NOT want you to own! The 1893 pump action shotgun was a great gun and it was Winchester's very first pump action shotgun design. Unfortunately, it was caught in between two different technological eras...the end of the black powder age and the beginning of the new smokeless powder era. Since it was designed to be used with 12-gauge shells loaded with black powder ONLY, it must have really worried Winchester by the late 1890's/early 20th century as identical smokeless 12 gauge shells began to take over the market. Fearing injuries and lawsuits from smokeless shells being used in a black powder gun, Winchester began one of the earliest product recalls probably in American history by placing ads in various publications. By this point, Winchester had made over 30,000 Model 93's. The ads encouraged owners of the Winchester Model 1893's to send their guns back to Winchester in exchange for a brand new Model 1897 pump shotgun which had been re-designed for smokeless powder. Winchester destroyed every Model 1893 that was returned and that is probably what happened to most of them. Still, a few survive today and as long as the owners used them with black powder, were probably safe for many years of use. However, this is not an endorsement by us that this 120 year old gun is safe to fire. CONDITION: Near Mint.

 Value  € 4.500,- 






Remington Army New Jersey


Remington New Model 1858 Army New Jersey Purchase

Procured in 1864 as part of a 1000 piece order placed August 8 of that year by the Quartermaster General of New Jersey, at a unit cost of $12.70. "N.J" is stamped on the left side of the barrel just ahead of the frame, "R W" on the outside face of the cylinder and the right side of the barrel and frame has “H H", and "B" on the left side of the trigger guard shoulder. The revolver has the standard, high-polish Remington blue finish with casehardened hammer and brass trigger guard. The serial number "64437" is located on the bottom of the barrel, the left side of the frame under the grips and on the inside of the grips. The top barrel flat has the standard Remington markings. 8” octagon barrel.


Excellent with 95% plus blue finish remaining on the barrel showing only very slight collector type handling marks. 85% original blue finish remains on the cylinder exhibiting only some minor scattered surface scratches. The frame retains 60% strong original blue finish with a few patches of flaking blue, otherwise near excellent. The hammer exhibits nearly 50% of its original vibrant case colors. The grips are very fine with only a few pressure marks. Mechanically excellent. The bore is excellent and 9+. A truly exceptional conditioned 1858 marshal revolver.

 “Excellent” conditiën

Estimated value ; € 4750,- 





Winchester Model 1873 Musket

Winchester 3rd Model 1873 musket in 44/40.


Outstanding Winchester 3rd Model 1873 musket in 44/40. Winchester Model 1873 Musket, .44-40 cal. lever action. Serial #371079B, mfg. 1891. with 30" round barrel, sling swivels, military sights, and semi-crescent buttplate.   Excellent+ condition. Completely original Third Model Musket beauty that is a freeze-frame of the turn of the century! Very, very hard to find an original 1873 with 98%+++ blue, case color on lever/buttplate and fire-blue loading gate.  A very handsome piece!  Only 5% of the Model 1873's production was muskets and most of these were sent to foreign countries (Spain, France, Turkey, China, Japan, Australia, South American, etc.) - never to return or were destroyed - so these muskets are quite scarce. 30" three-band musket barrel with a mirror bore - wonderful. Tight action. Stock has some marks as expected, but retains 99% of original finish. Shotgun type butt. Long 17-shot tubular magazine (high capacity was a reason for its military use - if only Custer had been equipped with these, history might have been changed). Flip-up rear ladder sight with fire-blue spring. Vivid barrel address and caliber designation.

Overall condition is NRA Antique Excellent+ and appears to be still be unfired.  The bore is mint and the bolt (including the face) still retains nearly all of its original blue.  The action and mechanics are just like new.  The frame has 98% bright shiny blue with some brown freckling from poor storage and a few scratches...typical of military handling.  Loading port still shows 98% bright vivid fire blue. The hammer still shows 95% bright vivid case colors while the lever has about 90% case colors.  Incredibly, the buttplate even has 95% original case colors remaining. Barrel has 98% bright original blue with some freckles from storage.  Bands have most of their original blue intact with some light pitting on the outer edges of the rear band.  Excellent screws overall...many look like they've never seen a screwdriver.  The wood is in Excellent+ condition overall...completely untouched with no chips, cracks, or repairs and perfect wood to metal fit.  Like most military weapons, it has lots of little nicks and bruises from being stacked in a pile.  Very crisp sharp edges and contours on the wood showing almost no handling wear...just neglect.  Most of the pre-1898's got used pretty hard in far-off lands which is why its so difficult to find nice antique ones.


Excellent+ condition.

Estimated value:   € 5.500,-  





Colt Lightning Baby Carbine

Colt Lightning Baby Saddle Ring Carbine 20 Round Barrel 44/40 cal.

This spectacular and  unique Colt Lightning Baby Carbine was manufactured in 1996. The Baby carbine (1 pound or lbs. lighter than normal carbine) has a blue finish with casehardened hammer. The stock and forend are oil-finished walnut. The barrel has a carbine barrel band, carbine style block front sight and carbine folding leaf rear sight. A saddle ring is mounted on the left side of the receiver and the stock has a steel carbine buttplate. The top of the barrel is roll-stamped with the two-line legend: "COLT'S PT.F.A.MFG. CO. HARTFORD CT.U.S.A./PATENTED MAY29. SEPT.1883 MAY 26 85.JUNE15 86.FEB.22.87" ahead of the rear sight. "44 Cal" is boldly stamped on the left side of the barrel below the rear sight. The Rampant Colt trademark is stamped on the left side of the frame.



Colt lightning magazine-fed pump-action baby carbine, .44-40 caliber, blue finish, noncheckered forend, serial #79878 (1896). The barrel and magazine tube retain 98% bright original blue. The frame shows 98% original blue. Some losses at the edges and some marks from the saddle ring. The front barrel band shows 98% blue. The markings and rampant Colt are sharp and crisp 100%. The hammer shows 75-85% original case hardening. The bands, sights, small parts, screws show all of their original finish. The buttplate shows 98% original blue. The stocks are fine to near mint. Just some minor storage marks, light handling, but near mint overall. The action is tight, the interior shows no use, the bore is bright and near mint also. Would be hard to improve on this baby carbine that is a strong 9.8 on 1-10 scale.

Only 972 "Baby Carbines" were manufactured

Speciall marks on left side barrel: "Manufacture Française d'Armes St Etienne”


 “Near Mint” Conditiën

Etemated value: € 9.500,-






Winchester Model 1886 Carbine .40-82 Cal.

On Hold





WINCHESTER MODEL 1886 SADDLE RING CARBINE. Cal. 40-82. SN 51804 (1891). Standard carbine with 22″ rnd bbl, full magazine, square base front sight and carbine ladder rear sight. It has an original stud with ring in left side of receiver. Wrapped in order to prevent rattling during the hunt. Mounted with uncheckered, straight grain, American walnut with straight stock & carbine buttplate. CONDITION: NRA “Very Good - Fine . Bbl & magazine tube retain nice orig finish, slightly thinned over forearm area with a few light nicks. Lower left side of bbl, just in front of forearm, is stamped in tiny letters “816 LLG”( stock no. from the French gunshop). Left side of bbl, between rear sight & middle band, is engraved “FNI PAR L. CHOBERT AROR 16 R. LAFAYETTE PARIS”. Bands retain about 80% strong orig finish. Receiver retains 20-25% strong case colors over both sides & top of receiver with bottom faded case colors turned to silver gray. Lever has case colors on both sides. Buttplate has brilliant case colors on tang with faded colors on face with toe & heel turned brown. There are a couple of small repairs in the forearm . There is a repaired sliver in wrist by top tang at receiver; otherwise wood is sound with light handling & use marks. Forearm is a dark oil finish & buttstock retains most of its orig finish turning dark. Mechanics are excellent, bright shiny bore with some blackpowder pitting, a 7 on a 1 – 10 scale.

Estimated value € 7000,-




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